Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our economic stimulus check

So what did you spend your Economic Stimulus check on? We got $1500. We've been looking around for a play center for Kasey and just can't find anything we like. We didn't really want to spend the full amount on that (I like to spend a little on what I want... HA!). We couldn't find anything less than $500 for what we wanted to get. So we decided to build something off our back porch. You never see anyone doing that, but we tend to do things different than anyone else anyway!

We went to Lowe's and they had a 10 foot slide, it was about $160.00. The one they had out had scratches on it and wasn't really aesthetically pleasing. The lady said she could discount it, so we were thinking about $20 less. She said she would take $86.00 for it! Woohoo! So we bought it and then we bought a rock climbing wall.

Mark took the slats out on the porch and we put both there. We also have a little swing on the porch too for Kasey. Here's a picture of Connor and Kasey playing.

I thought it turned out really good. Kasey loves it. We put a mat down at the bottom so he lands on that. He's really not using the rock climbing wall yet. We'll have to keep an eye on him, of course, so that he doesn't try to jump off the rock wall....
Here was Kasey helping Daddy put the rock wall together. He would put the screws in the holes. He seems to be really mechanically inclined. Just wait until he learns how to use the drill!

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