Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog Giveaway

Well, I have been reading quilting blogs for a while and it seems that people are always winning stuff or giving stuff away. It is so fun to see what they win. One of my favorites that I read is ~CowGirlQuilter~. She lives out in the country in a beautiful spot in Kentucky and has 2 boys. She is a great poster and was the very first blog I ever read, I'm not even sure how I even found her blog. So I read for a while and then thought I would try it, so I could say she was my inspiration. She's posted her 300th posting on her blog and is giving some quilt stuff away. She wants you to post a comment on her site and then post a link on your site back to her site. I think I will give something away on my 100th posting. Maybe some of my holiday plastic cups. Ha! Just kidding.

One thing about blogging is that I love to read what people are doing. I have about 30 I read all the time and subscribe to which shows me what posting each person makes as an unread post. So it doesn't take that long to read. It is so much fun to read what people are working on in quilts, what they have done and what their family is doing. I really like Kristie's site the best because she has such a great heart and is really funny.

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