Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Downy Quilts for Kids are Done!

We finally got our Downy Kids Quilts done and shipped.  My mom asked me about this, she wasn’t sure what we were doing.  Here is the information about it, Quilts for Kids.  We ordered the kits and we each got something different, all the same pattern.  Everything was precut and so quick to sew together.  Here is Barbara’s quilt.  She had a girl ballerina material quilt.  Barbara quilted it herself and did loopy loops.


Here is the one I got, big trucks with a green striped backing.  You can see the quilting I did on it, I also did the loopy loops.  They are a lot of fun.


Here is Paula’s quilt, not sure how well you can see, but it’s bright colored dinosaurs.  I quilted it for her.  I guess you could say this was my first “customer” quilt, but I will tell you it made me really nervous.  It’s one thing to do a quilt for yourself.  On my quilt my loopy loops were really good, on Paula’s I was nervous and I quilted over some of my loops, which then got me all frustrated and nervous.  I am sure glad it was a donation quilt.  But if I hadn’t done it for her, she would have had a hard time getting it quilted and I bet she would have had a hard time trying to quilt it on her regular machine, I don’t think she has done a lot of that.  Anyway, I think she was happy with it.  They are all done and shipped, so that makes me happy and hopefully, there will be a child somewhere that enjoys these quilts. 


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jelly Roll Quilt a Long Block #2

Every other Monday there is a new Jelly Roll Quilt a Long block.  I finally got #2 done, #3 comes out this Monday, so I was just in time.  I love how this one turned out! 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cafe du Monde and Wyland Wall

Here’s the trolley that we rode down to the Riverwalk


Here’s the fountain at the Riverwalk.


Kasey liked the donuts at Cafe Du Monde.  But he really liked the powdered sugar best!


Stole the plate from Daddy and licked the sugar off the plate.  He had it all over him!


Then we walked outside of the Riverwalk Mall and right into the parking lot that had the Wyland Wall on it, right outside of the Hilton Hotel!  I was pretty happy with being able to see it.  It’s sad how faded it is though.


More pictures later….

Popcorn Boy

We were in City Park and Kasey wanted popcorn, so we bought a big tub so that Mark and Kasey could share it.  But Kasey threw a fit!  He wanted his own and he didn’t want to share it with Mark.  You can see him here crying.


No Dad, no more popcorn for you!


So then he took his popcorn and sat away from us and ate it by himself.


But it would be ok to feed his popcorn to the geese and ducks, but not Daddy.


They were really tame, Kasey liked feeding them. 


I bet the park was really pretty when the trees were in full bloom.  Notice the moss hanging down? 


We rode the trolley back to the City.  Kasey thought it was fun to put the popcorn on his head.




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

City Park in New Orleans

We started out the morning by walking up to Canal Street to catch the trolley going anywhere, we didn’t really care.  The one we got was to City Park, we didn’t really know what to expect. 


Kasey getting ready to ride the trolley.


This was on the Carlton Ritz Hotel on Canal Street. 



This is the Museum of Art in City Park.  We went in and toured the Disney Dreams Come True exhibit.  It was neat, lots of the original hand written drawings and prints.


Here is the view from the museum steps out front.


Here’s Kasey playing around!  He had a good time.


This was the entrance to StoryLand at the City Park. 


Humpty Dumpty and the two egg berts, Mark and Kasey.  :)


StoryLand was really cute. 


Kasey in the mouth of the whale!


Three Little Piggies!


Mark hanging out.  I think he was having fun too.


Kasey sliding down the Dragon’s tongue.


On the fire truck.


Kasey – he was on top of the fire truck so fast I couldn’t believe it.  The little sneak! 


Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?


I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally Made it to New Orleans!

Here’s Kasey, watching his DVD in the car.  He finally smiled for me, but closed his eyes, the little twerp! CIMG3953

Here’s going into New Orleans, the swampy areas.  

CIMG3959 CIMG3962

Houses on stilts. 


Our first traffic jam, going into New Orleans, it was road construction, but didn’t take too long to get through.


New Orleans Stadium.


This was the parking to our hotel, we were on the 8th floor, it was crazy, we would go up a really steep level, then sharp turn.  We were lucky to find this spot.  Kasey was worried that we wouldn’t make it out of here.


Bourbon Street singers.


This was a wedding party that went through the streets.  It was neat.\CIMG3992

They had printed napkins with the couple’s names on it and waving them through the streets. 


St. Louis Cathedral.


Cafe du Monde, they were pretty busy, notice everyone waiting outside.  This was Saturday night, so we decided to try tomorrow.


Look at this guy, he’s like the tin man! 


This is the French Market.


Me and Kasey.


Mark and his Hula Girl Beads.


Mark wanted to take my picture but I wanted to put lipstick on first.  Kasey wanted some so I pretended to dab some on his lips.


There we are, all made up in our lipstick!


On that note, we’re all tired.  Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.  But resting tonight!