Monday, July 25, 2011

Grilling a Brush

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you grilled a brush on your BBQ Grill?  Well, I have the answer for you, right here…

Not just one but TWO brushes! 




Mark put the grill brushes in the grill, moved them off the back porch so we could clean the porch off.  Then went to heat up the grill today for some hot dogs. 

Kasey ran in from the porch, yelling “Dad, the grill is smoking!”. 

Mark said, “Yes, I know Kasey, grills smoke.”

So Kasey went back outside and the grill was still smoking, a lot, Kasey ran back in and said “Dad, you better come out here, you have to see this!”

I called Mark and Kasey from work to see how they were doing and Kasey immediately told me what Dad did.  He was sure HE would get in trouble for that one! 

I think it might be time for a new grill. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

Saturday, we went to the California, MO first ever Balloon Invitational.  We had heard about it from a friend on facebook (don’t you LOVE facebook!) anyway, we decided it sounded like a fun thing to do.  I really like seeing the pictures of the balloons in Albuquerque, NM and would like to go to that someday. 

It started at 7, we got into town early, but it was so hot, we didn’t want to sit around in the field waiting for 7.  Killed some time in McDonald’s because they had a play place.  Sure is funny the places you go when you have kids huh?  It was cool and kept Kasey occupied for a while, so that’s what is important.

The first balloon to air up was the Missouri Lottery one.

  CIMG6245 CIMG6246

There it goes!


The rest of them getting ready for flight.CIMG6251

Kasey wanted to go play games, but the games were all done.  He sat down hereCIMG6254

…. and then did his grumpy I’m mad at you pout! 


CIMG6256 CIMG6258 CIMG6260 CIMG6261 CIMG6263 CIMG6268

The balloons were really cool in the sky.


I think there were 20 or 22 total.  I am not sure I heard the total count and didn’t count them. CIMG6275 CIMG6282 CIMG6284 CIMG6287 CIMG6288 CIMG6291 CIMG6297



Kasey’s Bedroom

I painted Kasey’s bedroom over July 4th.  His room was just a plain off white.  I thought I had taken some pictures of it “before” but couldn’t find them.  I let him pick the color, he picked a yellow that was off a light switch wall plate he had.  I was a little worried about it, but I was really happy with it after it was all done.

We have some work to do putting up some wall decorations.  We found a really cool St. Louis Cardinals Stadium picture that shows the Arch and then the field with the Arch showing up where they mowed the field, it’s a really cool picture and will look good against the background yellow.


This picture is too dark, sorry about that.  DSCF2184 DSCF2185

There is the wall switch by the door that we pulled the yellow out from.  It’s got a baseball, catcher’s mitt, etc in it.  DSCF2186