Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Camper Remodel

Here’s some pictures of the camper after the remodel.



New carpets in the front.  We also put a trim board on the wood, but I took the picture before we put that board down. 


This shelf was original in the camper, we moved it by the sink though.  It has a pull out table (not shown).  We put 2 oak shelves to the right of this table after this picture was taken, I need to take a picture of that and post.


This is the new sink, it’s HUGE!  I love it.  We also put a new faucet, new tile counter tops and then the little oak board that acts as a stop for anything the might slide off the counter. 


We took the stove out (who really ever uses those anyway!)  And then we just left it open.  I have a laundry basket that I put snacks and stuff in and just keep it in this spot. 


New bathroom sink and faucet.  


Didn’t do anything to the bedroom except to buy a new Queen bed.


Here’s another pic of the kitchen. 


We bought this couch, it folds into a bed, and has a center console that lays down to put drinks on or use it as a little table.  We got it at Southerlands.  Camper furniture is so expensive and this was a really good solution.  It’s bolted to the floor and we put seat belts on it, so 3 people can sit there.  When we want to lay it down for a bed, we just pull a handle on each side and it unhooks the couch and we slide it out and lay the back down, it’s really pretty nice.  The chair was original to the camper.  New hardwood floors throughout.


I bought new handles on ebay and replaced all of them (there were 37!)  I’m really happy with them and the way they are made, I can hang stuff on them. 


I’ll have some posts during the next week, we’re headed on a camping trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City.  Stay tuned.

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