Thursday, May 29, 2008

Computer Got Soaped, Died and is in the Hospital

Kasey got on the countertop Tuesday and took the liquid dishwashing soap and poured it all over my new laptop. Yes, the one I got in February. So Mark took it all apart and tried to get the soap out, but it wouldn't come back on. So I took it to my favorite computer shop and they are looking at it for me. I hope it can be salvaged. Most of my stuff was backed up except for about a month of Kasey's pictures and videos.

I am so upset you can't even image.

So here was my original posting when I got my computer. I was so proud of it.


  1. wow - after the 'p' thing and everything - let me know what ends up happening? i was ready for another computer get together!

  2. Hi Kelly!!! Guess what!!!! You just won my 300th post giveaway!!!!!!!! Send me an email at to let me know where to send your gift!!!


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