Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camping Trip to Johnson Shut-ins, Missouri

We went on a camping trip a couple of weeks ago and I’m just getting around to posting some pictures. 

Here is Annabell and Kasey in the camper, coloring.


Kasey sleeping on the way down to Johnson Shut ins.


At the shut-ins.

  CIMG4761 CIMG4770 CIMG4771 CIMG4772 CIMG4773 CIMG4775

This is the visitor center at the Shut-ins. 


Here’s our little camper, setup at the campsite.  This was a really bad site, because it had lots of sun.  As long as I have air conditioning, I’m pretty happy.


This was at the park, we were getting read to go hike.  They had this pretty shelter and this was a time line around the center of it, with dates, starting out from the dinosaurs, fossils, first things discovered, etc.  Kasey liked running around the circle.


This is a little lake.  This area was called the scour.  It’s where the Amerun UE dam collapsed about 5 years ago and all the water washed down this area and ruined the park.  Amerun UE paid a lot of money to the state and they rebuilt the park and the campground, so it was really nice.  The campground had just opened in May of this year.

CIMG4796 CIMG4799 CIMG4802

This is the new water dam that they built (I don’t think it’s called a dam but a reservoir).

CIMG4804 CIMG4806

This is a better picture, we hiked quite a ways to be able to see this.  It was really hot too.


If you look closely, you can see that shelter house and visitor center where we started from. 


Back at the campsite, Kasey riding his tricycle.  He got some new water shoes too. 


Kasey and Annabell liked to go to the store and buy things.  Especially since Daddy gave them some money! 


This was the second campsite we had at the campground, we stayed at the first one 2 nights and this one a 3rd night.  It was a really nicer one, was actually the camp host site.



This is back at the Shut-ins with Annabell playing.


This was part of the Shut-ins.  Where that guy is at on the big rock, they would jump down into that water.  It doesn’t look deep in the picture, but it was.  You just had to maneuver your way through all the rocks and water, it was fun.


Mark went to Johnson Shut-ins when he was in High School when he lived in St. Louis.  He said that he would jump off the top of this cliff into the water.  They fine you $500 if they catch you doing that now. 


I thought this was a neat rock.


Mark and I went on a hiking trip without Annabell and Kasey, we followed the river down for a mile or two.  It was really hard to get around because the rocks were so big.  It’s really a pretty spot.


Well, that’s our camping trip.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Post a comment if you’re reading this.  I don’t know if anyone reads this besides my mom!   My mom bugs me all the time that I don’t keep this updated.  She enjoys looking at Grandson pics.  :)

Jelly Roll #10 and #11

Here they are, blocks 10 and 11 of the Jelly Roll Quilt a Long. I am really happy with both of these.  Only one more to go and then we’ll put them all together.  I bought some really cool pink backing fabric, the soft minkee with raised hearts on it.  This will be such a snuggly soft quilt!

Jelly Roll Block #11 Jelly Roll Block #10