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Hi!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I started this blog many years ago, but quit updating it in 2012.  That was mostly because my life got really busy.

I am married to Mark since 2002 and we have one son, Kasey born in 2006.  Mark has two daughters, Annabell and Nicky, that I love like my own, they are such amazing young women.  Annabell has a daughter, Jenny, who is a sweet, active little girl.

I work at a really cool manufacturing business in Lebanon, Missouri as their IT Manager.  I basically take care of all the computers, hardware, software, servers and network equipment for the building.  The company builds custom automation equipment, if you think of how things are produced, most of them are made on a piece of automation equipment.  That's what my company does, builds those one-of-a-kind machines.  That's why it's so cool, because it's like watching the How it's Made show when you walk out on our shop floor.

Fast forward to 2017 and I found out I have breast cancer, that's a life changing moment for sure and not a good one. I've been trying to wrap my hands, heart and soul around it and it's really hard.  They say the first two weeks are the worst and I know that to be true.  Trying to figure out treatment options, plan for all the changes and telling family and friends.  I am so blessed with people that care about me, I had no idea.  The prayers, thoughts and love is just amazing.  I know once I get through it, I will try to do the same.

This is my journey, please leave me comments as you read my posts.

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