Friday, May 15, 2009

Show us Where You Live Friday - Guest Bedroom - Man Room - Woman Room Instead

Today is Friday's installment of Show Us Where You Live - Guest Bedroom edition. Well, we don't really have a guest bedroom anymore. We've turned 2 of our rooms into play rooms. One is for Mark and one for ME! Here's the first one, the MAN room.

This is where Mark and Kasey play Wii and sometimes I get to play Wii Fitness, if I'm lucky.

Couch in the MAN's room. On the bookshelf is a ship building project Mark has been working on for a lot of years. He has all of his parts in a Longaberger basket that I let him use. Sometimes I'd like to take it back, but I don't really have a purpose for it right now.
This is a Grandfather clock that Mark got from his Nanny. They bought it for their 45th anniversary. Mark reworked it and put it in the MAN room. It was a regular wind up clock but the mechanism were all messed up so we just ordered a battery clock and put a little shelf in the bottom of it. Then we had a plaque made up with his Grandparents name on it and their anniversary date.

And this is my room, my sewing room. I don't call it the WOMAN's room though, it's just my sewing room. This is a quilt machine that Mark made for me. We found this old 1930's sewing machine and he built the cabinet and assembled it all together for me. I really like it.

This is the other side of the room.

And these are the shelves that Mark built for me, I really should have straightened them up a little bit. Oh well.
So that's the guest bedroom edition. See ya next week with dining room edition.

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  1. NICE! I've used one of those quilters aunt once had a Quilt Shop and I helped her with it one summer. I was probably only 12 at the oldest, but she trusted me to run it...some! :) Pretty easy, just follow the pattern. What is the white sheet on the wall for? Is that where you place your quilt pieces?

    Thanks for sharing!


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