Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

Kasey and I made these Christmas ornaments for the tree and to give away to family.  Aren’t they cute?  This is Kasey’s pre-school picture. He fell down on the concrete before these were taken and skinned up his chin!  He’s my little accident prone boy.


Yo-Yo Christmas Garland

I think this is so cute!  It’s not mine, I stole it off a blog that I read, wouldn’t this be a cute idea for the Christmas tree?

What about this yo-yo tree?

Yo yo tree

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our babysitter

I haven’t talked about Kasey’s babysitter experience on my blog.  He had a really hard time adjusting to the babysitter and I was worried about what we were going to do.  It took him about a month, but he finally would go inside her house without crying and had a good day.  Now, he loves it.  Doesn’t have any trouble, and she is wonderful!  They do crafts and he has a little girlfriend there, Anna.  I am so happy with her.  She made all the parents a little scrapbook.  She took 2 paper sacks that you get from the grocery store and put them together in a book, punched holes in the edge and put cute ribbon on them. 

 CIMG3569 CIMG3570 CIMG3571 CIMG3572 CIMG3573 CIMG3574


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Candy Jar Quilt

I got the candy jar quilt done (well it’s not quilted yet) but it’s all pieced together.  I have to find backing for it, I want flannel and would be really happy if I could find some red Christmas Candy.  Another shopping trip!CIMG3565

I have 20 different Christmas candy fabrics in the quilt.  This is one of my favorites.

CIMG3567  And this one is!  I love the popcorn!  I really like the fabric for the lids too.  It was just one I had in my stash but it’s gray with flakes in it, like an old style galvanized lid.  CIMG3566

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa 2009 & Cave Restaurant

We went to see Santa at the bank today.  It was really nice because there weren’t that many kids there and we didn’t have to wait in line at all. 


Kasey told Santa he wanted a car.  Mark bought him a hot wheels set at Wal-mart, while Kasey was with us.  Then Mark put it in the closet.  So I think that’s why Kasey is saying he wants a car. 


After we left Santa, we went to Richland to the Cave Restaurant. It’s about a half hour from Lebanon.  We rode a hay wagon to the cave, there were little cabins along the way lit up for Christmas.  Here are Mike and Becky. CIMG3539

Me, Mark and Kasey.CIMG3541

Inside the cave restaurant.  Kasey was trying to climb up the walls.  This is Gracie, Mike and Becky’s daughter.


The kids fed the goldfish in the pond.


The goldfish, they were pretty small.


I really should learn to take better pictures.  They had a guy playing the piano.  It really made for a nice evening.


Inside the cave.


Leaving the cave, heading back to the cars, it was cold!

CIMG3559  My little cutie pie!


When we were in the restaurant, guess who came to eat?  Santa Claus!  That was funny because the kids were all excited that Santa was there.  We told him that he was hungry and needed to eat before he headed back to make more toys.  He was a really good looking Santa too, nice white beard. 

All in all, it was a fun evening!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Puzzle Salvaged! All is Well!


The hot chocolate dried on the puzzle and I was able to put it all back together.  We thought there was a piece missing but it was underneath the puzzle so it’s all done!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kasey and the Camera

Kasey loves to get my camera and take pictures. It’s really funny the pictures he takes too.

This was at our insurance agent’s office, got a picture of the speaker at the ceiling.


Someone’s arm, probably mine.CIMG2574

This was a dish that was outside. Mark and Kasey went to the little store and bought a dog dish that had candy in it shaped like dog food. Didn’t seem very appealing to me.


This is Kasey’s little magnetic holder for nails. He takes the board outside and hammers the nails into the board, into the sidewalk cracks, into the grass, just about whatever he can find to nail, he’ll try it. There’s his foot, finger and the string of the camera.


His little bikes and riding toys.


Green plants.


The sky.


Yellow flowers.


Blue flowers.


His dirty croc and his feet.


This is either his other shoe or he turned the shoe on its side so he could get a side view picture.


His feet on the stairs.


Bathroom drawer door pull.


Messy bathroom sink and faucet.


There were some other pictures that I didn’t put in here, all of me unflattering, like me in my nightgown, my butt, head shots! I deleted all those off the camera.

1000 piece puzzle ends in Hot Chocolate Disaster!

Well, this was the next puzzle I was working on:


Well, I had probably 3/4 of it done, it was 1000 pieces, the first I had ever attempted.  Little sweet Kasey decided he wanted hot chocolate so I had a little crayon thermos and I mixed it in that and let him pour it into the lid (I know, you mothers out there are saying, that was your first mistake).  Well, he was at the dining room table where I was working on the puzzle and yes, you know exactly what he did.  He spilled it all over my puzzle.


See the hot chocolate how it soaked all under the puzzle.


More of it.


Now what to do with it?  I am going to let it dry out and see what happens.  I wanted to cry.  I know everyone thinks it’s funny out there is blog land, right? 

This was one of the puzzles I bought at the flea market for $1 so I guess I can’t complain too much.  If I had paid $15, I would have been more upset. 


Wyland Puzzle

I bought this puzzle a long time ago before I ever did puzzles.  I started putting it together, but the pieces were really weird shapes and hard to put together.  So I conned Mark into finishing it and he got it done!



Saturday, September 26, 2009

My 4th Puzzle and a RAT!

I got another puzzle done!   I am really addicted to these things.  I need to quit doing them because I won’t have any to do this winter.  Does anyone ever do a puzzle again?  I would think that would still be fun.  I got this one at a swap meet here in town for $1.  I was surprised it actually had all the pieces to it, the guy promised me it did, but you know how that goes!  I bought another one from him too for $1, it has 750 pieces in it.  My next puzzle is going to be a Wyland Wall puzzle, it’s 550 pieces and is round. 


We had a rat in the house last night, our cat Jenny brought it in.  I was sleeping really good about 3 in the morning and I heard this little squeal squeaky noise.  I got up and Jenny was running our a piece of furniture trying to find her catch.  I moved the furniture away from the wall and this big RAT ran under the bed.  So then I saw it run from the back wall to another piece of furniture.  Jenny ran under the bed, then tried to run out of the room.  I shut the door on her, but she wasn’t interested in catching it at all. She stayed under the bed and went to sleep.  So Mark got a tennis show and the rat was under a big pillow laying on the floor, he got it cornered and it moved out from under the pillow and he slammed it with the tennis shoe.


I had to take a picture of it so I could post on my blog.  Isn’t that nasty? 


The problem is that Jenny is really an outside cat, but we have this really nice cat door and she can come and go.  So she goes outside and hunts and brings animals in.  I am really tired of it and not sure what to do.  I could leave her outside all the time, but then I would have to remember to keep her food out and make sure the other animals don’t get it.  Or we could make her an inside cat, the problem with that is she likes to go outside, so she would howl and cry all the time at night and drive me crazy.  So I don’t really know what to do with her. 

Anyone need a cat that is a good RAT killer? 

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Third Puzzle – Complete

I got another puzzle at Wal-mart!  This was pretty easy to do.  I am really getting into these puzzles.  Anyone else like them out there?  Hello, anyone out there?