Friday, May 15, 2009

Grandma's Attic by Moda

Here's another one that is almost done. It's Grandma's Attic. It took me a long time to get this one pieced together. I was really happy with it when I got done. But I have to tell on myself. Since it was last year that I started it, I had forgotten a lot of things. The first thing I did was the backing I indented to use on this quilt, I cut up and was going to use for another quilt when I realized that there was too much of it for the quilt I was going to use it for. So I realized it was for this one and decided I would go ahead and get this one quilted.

So I pinned it all on the machine and started looking at my To Do Board and saw it said "sew borders on Grandma's Attic quilt". I looked and the quilt and thought, no, that doesn't have borders does it? So I pulled my box out that I keep supplies for each one of my projects and sure enough, there was the borders all cut for this quilt. Darn it! So I unpinned it all and sewed the borders on. Then I put it back on the machine and realized I might not have enough batting.

I quilted it anyway and when I got to the end, I didn't have enough batting! So I just put a piece in there and cut both pieces so that I would get no gaps between the 2 pieces and finished it up.

Then I threaded the needle wrong and sewed a little bit with that. Those of you know what happened! I have a mess on the back of the quilt. So I'm going to take that out and try to fix it on the regular sewing machine, I think it will be ok.

Then I really want to put binding on it that matches the borders, but guess what? I don't have enough. I need 3/4 yard and have about 1/4. I looked all over the Internet for this fabric. It's Moda Cinnamon Stars line. I can't find the fabric anywhere. If anyone has some, let me know, I would be tickled to death to buy it from you!

So now, that I have explained all that, I bet you understand why I am glad to get this one done! It's definitely been an adventure.

The fabric I need is this brown with the little stars in it. I want the binding to match the borders. The borders stretched when I pinned it on the machine and I'm not real happy with how they turned out. That's a whole other story, but I think if the binding is the same as the border then it will be less noticeable.


Suduko Quilt Done

I am really getting stuff done the last couple of weeks, I finished the top of this Suduko quilt in March, 2008 and finally got it quilted and sewed the binding on it. Kasey was really excited to take all these quilt pictures and he had to be in all the pictures. What a ham!

Here is the back. If I had that iphone when I bought the Suduko backing, I would have known that I didn't buy enough of it! So I pieced some of the leftover fabric I had to make the backing work. My friend Barbara did that on a quilt she made for Kasey when he was born and it looked really great. I am pleased with how it turned out. I didn't plan anything on making the pieces match up to anything, I just sewed them all together. The orange squares ended up lining up together, but I didn't plan that.


T-shirt Quilt Top Done

I finally got Michelle's t-shirt quilt all pieced together. I am really happy with how it turned out. I need to find backing for it now and then quilt it. I'm really worried about quilting it because I'm afraid it's going to really stretch. I will probably quilt really big stippling on it, I think that may be better than doing really close. I'm hoping that someone will leave a comment as to whether they think that is a good idea or not? Help!

Some of the shirts had just a small piece on them so I didn't want to make a big 12" square out of that, so I made some 4 patches. I really liked how they turned out too.

Michelle really had a lot of soccer pictures with her teams over the year. Some of the shirts were really faded, but this was good. Her dad coached a lot of her soccer teams and he was in several of the pictures. He really loves this quilt (this is Mark's younger brother Alan).
We're going to Springfield tomorrow and I am going to look for backing fabric, she wants black flannel, which is really hard to find. She said her second choice is blue flannel or light green. Another shopping trip.
I found a really cool app for my iphone to figure how much backing you need for a quilt. You see the commercials on tv that say if you are looking for something, there is probably an app for it? Well, I believe it. :)

Show us Where You Live Friday - Guest Bedroom - Man Room - Woman Room Instead

Today is Friday's installment of Show Us Where You Live - Guest Bedroom edition. Well, we don't really have a guest bedroom anymore. We've turned 2 of our rooms into play rooms. One is for Mark and one for ME! Here's the first one, the MAN room.

This is where Mark and Kasey play Wii and sometimes I get to play Wii Fitness, if I'm lucky.

Couch in the MAN's room. On the bookshelf is a ship building project Mark has been working on for a lot of years. He has all of his parts in a Longaberger basket that I let him use. Sometimes I'd like to take it back, but I don't really have a purpose for it right now.
This is a Grandfather clock that Mark got from his Nanny. They bought it for their 45th anniversary. Mark reworked it and put it in the MAN room. It was a regular wind up clock but the mechanism were all messed up so we just ordered a battery clock and put a little shelf in the bottom of it. Then we had a plaque made up with his Grandparents name on it and their anniversary date.

And this is my room, my sewing room. I don't call it the WOMAN's room though, it's just my sewing room. This is a quilt machine that Mark made for me. We found this old 1930's sewing machine and he built the cabinet and assembled it all together for me. I really like it.

This is the other side of the room.

And these are the shelves that Mark built for me, I really should have straightened them up a little bit. Oh well.
So that's the guest bedroom edition. See ya next week with dining room edition.

100th Post

Heh, this is my 100th post, I think that is pretty monumental and deserves its own posting. Course now that I have posted the 100th post, I don't have anything to say, except, this is posting


Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Living Room Edition

Kelly's Korner is a blog I like to read and have been reading for over a year. She is hosting a show us where you live Friday challenge. This week is the living room. So here's our living room.

Mark made the cat stand for our cat. I think he did a great job on it. Our cat sits on it a lot and scratches her nails on the post.

This is the gas fireplace. We painted the wall to match our foyer. The picture to the right is one we bought at an auction. I think it came out of a funeral home, but I like it anyway.

The hallway to the left goes into our bedroom and the one right behind the chair goes into the garage. The picture on the wall is a collage that my step-daughter made for me one year for Mother's Day, I think. It has pictures of me, Mark, Kasey and Nicky. She had them developed in black and white and sepia. It was probably one of the most thoughtful things she has done for me. It took her time to get the pictures together, get them developed and put them on the frame.

I didn't get a good picture of the coffee table but it's really a small hope chest. I got it from our neighbor for my 16th birthday. We don't have anything in it, sometimes we use it as a toy box. I really like it.

This is looking out into the foyer, see the matching green walls? The big vase is one that I got from my Granny by way of my mom. I really like it, but Kasey knocked it over one day and broke the handle on it. Mark said he has the pieces and we can glue them back together someday, but I haven't seen them. I thought that my Granny got this from India when she went there one year, but my mom told me that she got it from New Mexico or Arizona.

Well, that's it for this posting. You'll notice that there aren't a lot of things on the coffee table or the end tables, that's because I have a 2 year old and it's just not worth the effort to put anything out. He'll just knock it off or destroy it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Quilt Done! Yeah!!

I finally got this quilt done! I started this quilt back in March 2008. I am not sure what took me so long to get it finished (ha! that's funny, maybe a 2 year old had something to do with it?). It's way bigger than what I expected it to be, it's 128" by 128" and I'll put it on our King size bed. It fits great on the sides, but is too big on the top and bottom, but I think that I will quilt it that way anyway, because I won't need pillow shams, will just throw the extra over the pillows.

And here is the quilt I finished today for Kasey. I started it a really long time ago. I finally got it on the quilt machine today, quilted it, and got the binding all done on it. Kasey spent the day with Grandma Joyce today (Sunday) so I had time to get this done, plus watch 2 movies. We say Yes Man with Jim Carey. It was ok, but really kinda stupid. The other one was Seven Pounds will Will Smith. Oh my gosh, that was a great movie. If you haven't seen it, go rent it now! Well worth it.

We also watched Twilight. I am not into vampire movies so I didn't really like it. Everyone was just raving about it so I figured I had to see it. Oh well.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Kitchen Edition

Kelly's Korner is a blog I like to read and have been reading for over a year. She posted an idea today to put your kitchen pictures up, so here goes.

This is our kitchen.

This is the breakfast nook.

Our refirgerator. Lots of ABC Magnets for Kasey!
The corner by the fridge. I like our little corner roll top storage area. I can put lots of junk in there. :)

I love our plate rack. I have a ton of Corelle plates (who doesn't love Corelle?). I never have to worry about them breaking. I just throw them in the plate rack.

That's it.
Hope you enjoyed it!