Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chalk Outlines

Kasey loves playing with chalk. We thought it would be fun to outline his body on the concrete.

I hope this picture shows up ok, by the grass is Kasey in one pose, then he rolled over and posed again and toward the front he is curled up a little with his hands by his head. We got our cat to lay down too and took her picture.

Kasey talked his daddy into doing it too, so we outlined him.

Isn't that the cutest thing? I am so glad I took a picture of this.

Kasey went to Cricket preschool this week. He cried when I left him but he did really good after I left. My little boy is growing up...

Sissy can be mean to Kasey sometimes, I think she really wanted a little baby sister. She put his hair up in a barrette. He wasn't real impressed. I think his expression is really cute... :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nicky's Friend Meagan Had A Car Wreck

So tonight, Nicky called her friend Meagan to ask her about something and Meagan said, "I'll have to call you back, I just had a wreck on Fremont." So Nicky raced out of the house and went down to the road to check on her best friend. Here's a picture of Meagan's little VW Bug (I loved her car). I guess Meagan was getting ready to turn onto our road and pulled in front of another car. Her car circled around and landed up on this stop sign.

Here's Meagan standing next to her car, Nicky to the left and Meagan's dad heading toward them. You can see Kasey in the stroller. I walked down the street to check on them.

Here's her car once they got it out of the ditch and off the stop sign to tow it away. Thank goodness no one was riding with her because I am not sure they would have come out of it in very good shape. And the crazy thing was that Meagan wasn't wearing her seat belt. Can you believe that? I think Meagan almost always wears her seat belt, but the one time she probably didn't, she had a wreck. I understand that completely because the one time I had a wreck and totalled my car, I wasn't wearing my seat belt either. I almost always wore mine also except for that one time.

We are so lucky that she wasn't hurt. This could have been a very sad story. Meagan and Nicky are both seniors this year.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Keurig Coffee Pot

Here's the new Keurig Coffee Pot I have been wanting. It is the coolest thing around. I got the carousel to go with it and a separate filter in case I don't want to use the pods that came with the coffee pot. I have tried a couple of them and I think I may have to acquire a taste for them. They are slightly stronger than what I typically like, but if you put a lot of cream in it, then it is better!!
I had enough points on my Master Card to buy this directly from them, but I shopped around and found I could use the same number of points toward an Amazon card and buy the pot, the carousel, the filter and another 50 coffee pods. I thought that was a pretty smart move on my part! I especially liked it that I didn't have to spend any money for it.
I put my Longaberger Coffee Mug under it too. I thought it looked really good. Who doesn't love Longaberger pottery? I got this as a $5 surprise treasure. I bought 2 of them and wished I had bought 4. You never know what you are going to get so you hate to buy too many of them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Turn Your Back for a Minute!

My new coffee pot arrived and I set it up yesterday. This morning, I had some stuff out on the counter top, include a small container of sugar. I went in the other room for a minute, came back in and Kasey was on the counter top and had poured the sugar all over the counter and was stomping his feet in it.
I told him he was bad and shouldn't do that, but then I wanted him to pose for a picture, so I sent a mixed message to him, but I thought he was really cute. At least he didn't throw it all over the floor, that would have been a mess.
His shirt came from Nicky, when she went to Jamaica. I don't really like it because the neck is all stretched out on it. It will end up in a t-shirt quilt someday for him.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Prizes Arrived

I got my first Blog contest prizes in the mail yesterday! It was so exciting, I got these from Kristie, who had a contest on her blog not too long ago and I won!! It was really fun to get her package. So thank you Kristie!!!
I love seasons, so this book was really neat.
While I was taking pictures, I was thinking about my poor camera. I bought it back in April and it is really, really small. I just love how it fits in my purse or in my pocket (which is not a good idea sometimes!). When we went to Texas, a piece on the top of the camera came off that holds the button in, I was able to find it, but put a bandaid on it because that is all I had in the car and it was too little to put somewhere because I didn't want to lose it again. The bandaid worked so well, I have just left it on there.

So when I had my scooter wreck, I had my camera in my pocket, because you never know when you will have a spot you want to take a picture, right? Well, that is exactly the side I landed on and it cracked my screen. I was able to get a good picture of it with my old camera.

That is so sad, but I am AMAZED that it didn't damage it anymore. I can still see the pictures and it didn't hurt the quality of the pictures any.

Tomorrow I am getting a new coffee pot from It's Keurig, one pot coffee maker. I can't wait!!! I have been wanting one ever since the Pioneer Woman posted a giveaway on her blog and told about how much she loved hers. So I finally cashed in some points on my MasterCard and ordered it...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a Small World

Nicky, Kasey and I drove down to one of Nicky's favorite "scary places", Wilson Cemetery. It's over 200 years old and she has been there probably 10 times, late at night. Supposedly it's HAUNTED! So I decided it was time that I ventured down there to take a look. It's about 20 miles from our house on a lonely gravel road that ends right at the cemetery. I think you could get a little scared by the road if you were inclined to be scared anyway. The drive down there was really pretty, with the trees over the road and views that you could see miles from. The cemetery was really overgrown. There weren't hardly any houses close by so I'm not sure who owns the cemetery and apparently no one takes care of it. There were some really old grave stones, the newest ones were 1945 and one in 1993.

I thought these were really pretty. The grave to the left was one that was 1945.
Here is Kasey and Sissy outside the cemetery. I didn't get a very good picture though, it's a little blurry.
Then as we were heading home, there was a truck pulled over at the side of the road, and a guy standing in the woods with a dog on a leash it looked like. We hadn't seen a sole out on the road and thought it was really weird. Right after that, I got a call on my cell phone from a guy that I work with. He said "Are you driving on a gravel road?" I am thinking, how did he know that? Could he hear the road noise? I know crazy thinking, but he said you just drove by me. I mean, how small of a world is that? He said that he and his family were taking pictures of a natural bridge. So we turned around and took some pictures. The river was just down from this bridge. It was really neat.
Here's a really good picture of the bridge. Nicky carried Kasey because she said I was too clutzy and might fall with him.... Well, she might have been partially right! Considering my last scooter accident...
Here's a picture of my friend and her family under the rocks. It was really neat.

It's amazing the things that are just off the beaten path. It was a really neat find.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blogger Exporting

Did you read about the new blogger export feature? I have my blog on a different login for my igoogle page, which I love and a separate one for blogger. Everytime I login to post to my blog, I have to change my login and then can't get to my igoogle page until I login to it. So this export feature will let me export my blog out and import it into a new blog. It's apparently on a demo site right now and they will publish it later, but I can't wait. I will probably rename my blog too, because I don't put much stuff about quilting on it. Maybe this winter I will quilt more though.

I did go to my quilting room and reorganize a little bit.

2 posts in 1 day - pretty amazing for me!!

My New Cell Phone!!!

I got a new phone! It's a Touch by HTC through Sprint. I will say I am not a fan of Sprint, I had all sorts of trouble getting the right information from Sprint, I wanted to be able to use the phone as modem to get Internet on my laptop, they told me 2 times that my plan had that, but when I tried to get it to work, it didn't work. So I called in and they said "Oh, no, your plan doesn't have that". Jeez... They are annoying.

But this phone is SOOOO cool, I get Sprint TV on it, all sorts of cool Internet options, it show the weather on it, scrolling news items. I am sure the battery won't last too long, but it's great. I also signed up for Audible Air Book, and I can download books to listen to. The plan is that I would walk to get some exercise while I listen to a book, but I haven't done so great yet with it. Although I did ride 4 miles on my bike tonight.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Time No Post and Running Around Naked

I can't believe it was July 20th since I posted last. I have no good excuse except I have been lazy. But I am healing up well from my scooter wreck. I know, I should not have worn shorts and flip flops... But...

Do you ever wonder why people think certain things are just not appropriate? I mean, it is really not appropriate for your 2 year old to jump in his pool with all his clothes on, then proceed to take them all off and run around the house naked? I mean don't you wish we could all do that? Not have a care in the world, just run around naked?

Well, okay, maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea... HA!!! But it is just so cute when a 2 year old does it, his little white butt disappearing around the corner of the house... No, I didn't take any pictures, just wanted to post about it and reflect...

And Sissy coming home and appalled because one of her friends is coming over and her brother is romping around the pool NAKED! Oh my!!