Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting Ready For Prom

Today is Prom! So the first thing that happened was Nicky got her hair done. Here's the front picture.

View from the back. Our hairstylist, Lori put glitter in her hair, not sure it shows up but it really looks good up close.
Here she is putting on makeup. Nicky and I are both Bare Escentuals fans. Between the two of us (and my mom, who's a fan too) we have a ton of colors. Nicky's dress is plum (picture to follow) and she used a light lavender on her eyes as liner.
Here she is in her "going out to dinner" dress.

So at 3:00, we're heading to take pictures of her and her friends. I'll have some pictures to post after that. Then they are heading to Springfield to go out to eat. After that, they come back to town, dress up in their finery and head to the prom. It's a big deal to walk into prom, we'll watch that this evening and take pictures. Then after prom, they go to "after prom", which is a big, non alcohol party sponsored by the parents and a lot of the community supports. The purpose is to keep kids at a location where they are safe. They have a ton of giveaways for the kids to entice them to go.
We're hoping Kasey does pretty good tonight. This evening may be hard for him because it will be after his bedtime when they walk into prom. I'm hoping he doesn't get too upset and tired.

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  1. Your prom pictures look awesome! I'm sure she had a great time.


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