Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early Mother's Day

When I got home from work today, Kasey met me at the door and wanted me to pay attention to him and he kept dragging me toward the kitchen. He wanted me to see the surprise he and Daddy got me. I had a cake, 12 pack of Diet Coke and flowers. Kasey put a couple of his stuffed animals on the table for me.
The card said
"Mom, this Mother's Day card is from both of us,
One Card, Twice the Love, Half the Cost! Happy Mother's Day".
I thought that was cute. Kasey couldn't wait to get into the cake.
They have another surprise for me on Saturday. Not sure what it is, but we are going somewhere. I think it's probably a bike ride somewhere, but we will see. I will probably guess it before we go, which always makes Mark mad, because he has a hard time surprising me. Course he usually says something to give it away.


  1. Oh, how precious!!! Hunter gets so excited about things like that too. So does Andrew but he tries to hide it, he is 15 and thinks he is too big to be my baby!

  2. I am so jealous your Mother's Day started really early! It reminded me of when I turned 21, my best friend (a guy), surprised me every single day for the whole week of my birthday. And I never did guess any of them! Unfortunately my husband has never done very well in this department. I really hope my children will learn to do something as they get older, but for now I try not to expect it and that way I don't get disappointed.


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