Thursday, May 22, 2008

Interesting Blog Information

I found this information on a site about mistakes that Bloggers make. One that annoys me is the music on the site. I like music but I just think it's really annoying and then I can never find a way to turn it off quick enough.

Well, I got my keyboard from Dell and replaced it. Wasn't too hard to do, took 2 screws off the bottom, then took the top part off the laptop where the on off button is at, then slipped the keyboard off and replaced it. The P key works now! Yeah.

I sure haven't done much sewing lately. I've just been too lazy and it is so nice outside, we have just been playing outside all the time.

Kasey spent the day with Grandma today while Daddy was helping Grandpa side their house. I would call over there to see how they were doing and Kasey would kiss the phone. It was so sweet.

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