Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scooter Wreck

Well, it finally happened, I had a scooter wreck. I figured it would happen sometime, but I really wasn't prepared for it, not that I ever would be. We were scootering outside of town and I turned down a little gravel road and guess I hit the brake or something and slid sideways. The scooter went down and my leg was pinned under it. So here's a picture of my leg right after the accident. The gash below my knee was pretty deep.
Here I am looking all pathetic. I skinned my arm up pretty good because I slid on it and my hand. Kasey was on the scooter with Mark (who is much more careful than I am).

Here is a cute picture of Kasey and the scooter on the other side of the road. It started just fine and didn't really get hurt. But the really sad thing was that my really nice camera I just bought in April was in the pocket of my shorts and the screen broke on it. I have a big bruise on my leg where I hit on it. But it does still work, the screen is just cracked.
I called Mom and Dad and they came and picked me up. I was just a little dizzy so didn't think I should ride home. My dad doctored up my leg. I hate him doing that because he always pokes around on my sores and cleans them up, but he fixed me up really good. I knew he would. I just had to complain a lot while he was doing it.

But I do count myself very fortunate that it wasn't any worse than what it was. I'm just a little sore today.

Oh the really funny thing was a few cars went by and one was a guy I work with. He stopped to check on us and see if we needed any help, which is really nice, but I probably won't be able to keep it a secret at work... Oh well...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Here's the Lowe's truck at our driveway, ready to deliver the new refrigerator.
Dad, Sissy and Kasey watching. Kasey didn't know what was going on, he just kept waving bye-bye to the old refrigerator.
So, here is what it looks like. I had to get Kasey's refrigerator magnets on here. It's a leap frog that you put the letters in and it sings a little song, "K says kkkk, K says kkk, all the letters make a sound and k says kkk". It's a little song that will drive you crazy, but it's pretty cute. Mike and Becky got it for Kasey for his birthday.
This refrigerator has tons more room! I still have places that don't have anything and the old refrigerator was full.
Here's the freezer section, still lots of room! It hasn't started making any ice yet, I think it has to get really cold, the book said to wait at least 12 hours before you should expect anything.
I love getting new appliances! Makes me want to clean the whole house, but I think I will watch a movie instead.

We watched The Brave One, Jodi Foster, it was really good if you haven't seen it. I rented Vantage Point from Red Box today. I had about 5 free coupons for movies from them. They have a Red Box at our Wal-Mart store now and our McDonald's, so that makes it really easy to rent movies.

Tomorrow is back to work day. It seems like I have been on vacation forever, I guess it's been 11 days since I have been away from there, counting the weekends. That's been nice.


Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Back

Well, I haven't posted since we got back. After the last posting, my computer quit again! Can you believe? So I am on my other old trusty one.

It was a fairly quiet trip home, took us 12 hours on Tuesday and we made it to Oklahoma, then took another 6 hours on Wednesday. But it was a fun trip. We are glad to be home. All Kasey could talk about coming home was "Sissy", "Sissy", "Sissy". Nicky was really glad to see him.

We got Kasey a bag of sand toys at Wal-Mart and he had to carry them in to the hotel. He liked pushing the buttons on the elevator.

Here are Kasey and Daddy on the beach building sand stuff. Mark would make one of the sand castle forms and put it on the sand and Kasey would stomp it out. There were people laying on the beach close to us, just dying laughing at him. He was so funny.

This is my favorite picture of Kasey....

Well, hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July! We are going to shoot off some fireworks. Our neighbors behind us put on a big display which is fun to watch. We don't buy very many. I can't hardly stand the thought of spending money on something that you just burn up, so Mark has to go buy them and I don't even ask him what they cost!!!