Sunday, March 2, 2008

75 Degrees, Swinging & Quilts

It was a wonderful day today! 75 degrees and lots of wind. We were outside almost all day, washing the car, cleaning up the yard a little, playing with Kasey and thinking about spring flowers. They are calling for snow on Monday, though!
Here's Kasey in his swing out on the back porch. Notice he has a pacifier in his mouth and one in his hand. Never want to get too far without a spare! :) Not sure that you can tell in this picture, but he has dirt all over his hands. He found a place to dig around in the dirt. He's all BOY!

Here's another quilt I made last fall. I need to get it quilted. I think I have about 6 I need to quilt. I need to post a picture of my quilt machine on here that Mark built for me. It's amazing! Maybe later this week.

This one I made for my niece at Christmas, she is 8 and her favorite colors were purple and lime green. I got the pattern out of the Happy Hour by Atkinson Designs.

Had a great weekend, now it's time to get ready for work tomorrow. Ah...


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