Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Old Quilt from My Aunt Pauline

My Great Aunt Pauline made a quilt for me when I was little. The blocks are all applique pictures of me doing something, like praying, swinging, playing the piano. I had this quilt on my bed for years, we washed it and used it. Little did I realize how valuable this quilt would be to me as I got older and I wish now that I would have just displayed it instead of using it. The quilt ended up falling apart. So I took all the blocks off the quilt and tried to salvage them. I made this wall hanging with the ones that were in the best shape and that I liked the most. The block on the top right is me with my Great-Granddad Fred and I kissing at Christmas. The details in this block are amazing when I compare it to the actual picture that my mom made into a Christmas card that year. The lamp in the background was a brown lamp, there was a window in the background, the chair was orange, there was a coffee table next to the chair. The workmanship in this quilt was just amazing.

I plan to put the binding on it sometime and then Mark is going to make an oak frame for me to put it in so I can display it on the wall. Here are the rest of the blocks. You can see the bottom block is of me and Aunt Pauline planting in the garden.
This is a really good close up of one of the blocks. I think that the shirt my Granddad is wearing is even an actual piece of his shirt. I am not sure what I am going to do with the rest of the blocks. I need to repair some of them. The original quilt had the same size blocks in a yellow gingham check. She hand appliqued all of these and hand quilted it.

Thanks for posting comments! I enjoy reading them. Michelle is going to help me make some boxer shorts for Kasey! I think that will be fun.


  1. That is THE coolest quilt!! I think your plan to frame a few of the blocks is excellent. What a great momento!

  2. Oh my goodness how special is that and what wonderful memories for you. It would be nice to fram all of them and hang them on a wall in your wall as a group, kind of an art display.... wish it were mine. lol....


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