Sunday, March 16, 2008

Community Garage Sale & Pancake Breakfast

Saturday we went to the Civic Center for their annual garage sale. I didn't buy anything real exciting, but it was fun to look around. There was a big crowd there. I compressed these pictures down but I think I went too far, they don't look that great.
Here's Kasey and Grace eating pancakes.

I did buy Kasey a pillowcase that had cows on it. It's really cute. Whoever made it did a really nice job on it, she surged all the edges. I was impressed. Kasey carried it all over the place.

Today we went to Sears and they had a few of their Craftsman toys on sale. We got Kasey an air compressor and jack hammer (that was all they had there). They make noises and light up. We got each one for $5.00. Normally they are $29.00! That was a real deal. We opened the air compressor, but I think we are going to save the jack hammer for his birthday in June.


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