Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sudoku Quilt and One-Two-Three!

This is my Sudoku quilt I finally finished in February. There are 9 blocks and 9 squares in each block and none of the colors repeat themselves in the rows going across or the rows going down. Those of you who are Sudoku lovers, you know how this works. I guess this will probably be another quilt for Kasey, or I might give it away to someone.
Kasey and I were taking self-portraits. I would hold the camera and tell him to look at it and we'd say one-two-three. He would yell THREE real loud. It took about 20 pictures before I got a pretty good one of us.

Kasey went to Grandma's tonight (my mom's) and Mark and I went out to eat! That was nice to have a little time to ourselves.


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