Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet the Croc Family

I have been looking at Crocs for a while and read about them on Cre8tive Quilter's Blog. Then I was at the hospital Monday and one of the ladies there was wearing a pair. I talked to her a while about them and she loves them. But she told me to be sure and get the real Crocs and not the knock offs. So when we were in Branson, they have a Croc Outlet Store at the Red Roof Mall. They get shoes from places going out of business or probably last year's models that didn't sell.

Here are the shoes we got. I got a brown pair (I really wanted black but they didn't have them in my size). Kasey got a little pair with black and yellow straps. Mark got the black pair on the right. He also got a KC (Kansas City Chiefs) charm to go in the shoe. When you buy those, you get 2 in a package, so Mark got one and Kasey got one. We thought that was really cute since Kasey could actually be KC.

Anyway, so far we LOVE these shoes. We don't think they look that cute, but they are comfy!

I also did a little research on the Sudoku fabric I bought in Branson and realized I had been spelling Sudoku wrong on my posts (Suduko is how I spelled it). So I went back and fixed them. Unfortunately, I didn't buy enough of this fabric for my Sudoku quilt, so I think I might piece it with some other fabric. I have seen people do that and it looks really good. Kasey was so cute, he carried this fabric around a lot today and just cuddled it.

When we were at McDonald's this morning before coming back home, Kasey kept throwing his pacifier down on the floor. So Mark decided to just tie it to his shoestring. He was so funny trying to get it off and then just decided he could put it in his mouth from there.


  1. Hey Kelly - so how much were the shoes? Was it a bargain? The baby crocks are so sweet, but all baby shoes are so precious. That was cracking me up about the pacifier. Cooper was never much into it, maybe 6 months. But Montana would have went to Kindergarten with it if I would have let him! He still will chew on blankets and rags and things, of course they are still teething at 6 years old - LOL! Daddy pulled his front tooth out last night and now he looks all grown up. Tooth Fairy came and left a $5 because the other front tooth got lost and she never came for that, so he got compensated for that one as well which was a fused tooth (2 teeth grew together during prenatal). So actually he got paid for 3 teeth!!!!

  2. I too love crocs. The whole family bought "knock-offs" last summer. Mine are flourescent green. They go with nothing in my wardrobe, but het when it comes to comfort... does it really matter???

  3. He is so funny. I bet he loves his croc's.


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