Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kasey's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt, this was Kasey's first real hunt. It was neat and well organized, put on by a church here in town. This is what the field looked like before the kids got in there. This field was for the 0-3 year olds. Everyone watched while the kids gathered eggs, then they went to the next field so the next group of kids could pick them up. It was really nice.

Here's Kasey with his friend, Gracie. It seems that Kasey only has one friend in these posts and that is mostly TRUE! We don't really have many friends that have younger kids and since Kasey stays home with Daddy all the time, they don't get out much. (Next year, Kasey will go to a little pre-school for 2 year olds where he can practice his socialization skills.) We enjoy Gracie, she is fun to be around and Kasey likes her a lot!

Here we are about 2 minutes after the hunt started, you can see the field is totally cleared off of eggs. Kasey picked up about 15 eggs, and had fun opening them all up. I am going to have to teach Mark how to use the camera though, he had a tough time getting a good picture of us.

Hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow.



  1. That is so precious! Hunter is 5 and he was sick during Easter so we had to hide the eggs in the house! He still enjoyed it anyway!

  2. How cute! Egg hunts are so much fun. Have you had any luck getting Michelle to start a blog yet? I haven't been so great about updating mine lately, but as always, I vow to be better.

    Where do you work in Leb? You can e-mail me through my blog if you don't want to post the info. online.


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