Friday, February 29, 2008

Mark, the Sports Hall of Famer

Mark was inducted into the Lebanon Sports Hall of Fame tonight! His basketball team went to the State Quarter Finals in 1979. They had a nice banquet tonight. My mom and dad came over to stay with Kasey and Nicky and Annabell met us there. We took our nephew Connor with us too. Here's a picture of Mark and Connor with the banner of all the inductees this year. Mark is the 2nd from the right on the Team 1979 picture. He was the smallest on the team but he was the most handsome!!! I was really proud of him.

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  1. Hi kelly, congrata to Mark!
    I got your blog address from Michelle. She seems like a very nice person too. The peek a boo fabric was purchased from Maricopa Quilt Company her in CA.


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