Thursday, March 6, 2008

Branson Trip

We took a couple days off to go to Branson. We stayed at the Grand Country Inn, which has an indoor water park. First we stopped in Ozark and ate at Lambert’s, a really unique restaurant where they throw rolls at you. They are the best rolls, we could eat those and nothing else! Kasey had his first taste of Fried Okra, he really liked it.

Then we checked into our room and went to the water park. Kasey was slow to warm up to it, but he did really good. He liked playing in the water. Here’s a picture of Mark and Kasey in the pool. We stayed about 3 hours. They had a lazy river running through it, here are a couple of pictures of that.

They are calling for a lot of snow here tonight, we drove the 4 wheel drive, just in case we have snow. Here's Kasey after a long day, he's really tired. I bought some Sudoko fabric at a quilt store here in Branson. I thought it would be really cute to use it for the backing in my Sudoko Quilt. Kasey carried the bolt to the front of the store and gave it to them to cut. He almost didn't let them put it in the sack. Then when we got out to the Jeep, he cried until I gave it to him. He wanted to lay down with it to sleep. It was really sweet. He probably thinks I'm going to make a pillow case out of for him!

This hotel only has Internet in the lobby, that seems really crazy to me. They should put wireless all over the hotel.



  1. Your Branson trip looks like it was lots of fun!

  2. I love the Branson pictures! You have inspired me to take more pictures now. I have really been in a slump with the picture taking - so busy with everything else, I forget. Looks like you guys had a very relaxing time and Kasey is soooooo adorable. Love the fabric shot with him - everytime I buy fabric Cooper says, 'making a pilt'. I think we have conditioned them, LOL! Michelle'

  3. I made an account so it wouldn't say anonymous anymore - just wanted you to know. I feel much more special now!

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