Sunday, March 16, 2008

Triple Treat Quilt Started & Elmo

I started a new quilt for our bed, it's called Triple Treat from the Happy Hour book by Atkinson Designs. It will be a King size and will look scrappy in browns, blues, blacks and burgundy.

Here's the picture of the quilt from the book. I just pulled out 32 different fabrics from my stash, after sewing them into sets of 3, I cut 15" blocks (above). That gives me a pretty big piece left over that I can't get a 15" block from. The pattern shows a couple of things you can do with the left overs, make a table runner or the quilt on the bottom right, called Second Hand Strips Quilt. I think that I may take what I have left over and make pillow shams. That would look really nice on the bed.

This is how big the left over strips are. And my final project of the night was making Kasey an Elmo pillowcase. He is really into Elmo so he was crazy about this fabric. I think his pillow is becoming his "safety blanket". When we get him up in the morning or from his nap, he has to haul his pillow downstairs with him. Then when he goes up for naps, he hauls it upstairs with him. Anywhere we go, he has to take it with him in the car! I didn't really expect him to become so addicted to these. But I am glad that he enjoys them.



  1. This will be very pretty when finished. Love your color choices. Interesting, I am starting a king size log cabin with a tree block running somewhere in the center and house blocks in the very center.


  2. Kelly that is going to be so pretty. I love that book and have it but haven't gotten a chance to make anything from it yet... Your little ones are adorable...

  3. Very cute. Where did you find the fabric I am having a hard time finding Elmo fabric.


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