Sunday, February 24, 2008

Three Past Quilts

Here are a few pictures of some past quilts I have made. All in 2007.

This is the eye-spy quilt I made for Kasey. These are 4" blocks, there are 221 of them in this quilt, all different themed fabric. I printed pictures of all of Kasey's relatives at the time that I made the quilt, mom and dad with Kasey, grandparents, sisters, cousins. We play eye-spy with it. Everytime I pull the quilt out, he just squeals! I didn't realize he would like it so much! Several of my friends had made this quilt, so they gave me some of their scraps for it. Then I got 3 other people working on their own eye-spy and they would give me fabric. I had to go on several shopping trips, of course. I think my favorite things in this quilt, besides our family pictures, is the fabric that relates to Missouri - the Kansas City Chiefs, the St. Louis Cardinals (which is not licensed anymore for sale) and the St. Louis Arch. When I started making it, I was just going to collect fabric for a couple years, planned on having it made by Kasey's 4-5th birthday, but it was so addictive, I got it done in about 3 months! I quilted it on my quilt machine with off-white thread and just stippled it.

This is a puzzle quilt I made for Kasey. He really likes the colors on it. I liked making it and had to put a lot of thought into how to arrange the colors to fit right.

I made this quilt for my step-daughter for her bed. It was a fun quilt to make too. I just stacked all the blocks up and chain sewed. I can't remember the name of the pattern, but it was from Take Two, by Atkinson Designs.



  1. hi kelly - i looked at all your pictures and read all your blogs. you are right, i don't have much time for these, but it doesn't mean i don't love it. i am so curious about your new laptop as i have been shopping for almost a year now for one and i just can't make up my mind so please give me more info on that and what you think i should get too. i adore the mascara picture of kasey - that's definitely a scrapbook page and a cute one at that, the ideas that are running through my mind right now. montana did the lipstick thing one time and i was so furious i forgot to take pictures - then i was even more upset after because i didn't, so good job! Love the blogs - keep em coming - Michelle'

  2. The quilts are beautiful!!!! I happend upon your blog while I was randomly looking around. I love the puzzle quilt!!!!!

  3. You are so very talented! I especially love your puzzle and eye-spy quilts. I hope that we can get Michelle blogging soon, too!


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