Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Little Clean Up Boy

Kasey is so funny! He likes to clean up things. There was a plant on this corner stand and the leaves had fallen on the floor. He was picking them up and putting them inside the cabinet. So I went and got the little vacuum cleaner for him. He just vacuumed everything up and then opened the door and vacuumed the leaves that he had put inside. There was a little spot on the floor he was trying to vacuum but it was something stuck on the floor and wouldn't vacuum up. The next time I looked in at him, he had got the squirt bottle (which only had a little water in it).

He has the funniest look, like he was thinking "I was just trying to clean up! I didn't do anything wrong."

He started squirting the water on the floor and wiping up the spot. He is such a little sweetheart!



  1. Hi Kelly! So glad I found your blog I enjoyed reading your post on Serial Quilter, but I'm not on there much anymore, just too hard keeping up with more than one blog.

    Your little boy is soooo cute, I really like the photo of him with the mascara!! Looks like something that my Hunter would do!

    Love all of your quilts! I have the puzzle pattern, but just haven't got to it yet! So many patterns but never enough time!

  2. What a darling child. You are sooooo lucky to have him.


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