Friday, May 15, 2009

T-shirt Quilt Top Done

I finally got Michelle's t-shirt quilt all pieced together. I am really happy with how it turned out. I need to find backing for it now and then quilt it. I'm really worried about quilting it because I'm afraid it's going to really stretch. I will probably quilt really big stippling on it, I think that may be better than doing really close. I'm hoping that someone will leave a comment as to whether they think that is a good idea or not? Help!

Some of the shirts had just a small piece on them so I didn't want to make a big 12" square out of that, so I made some 4 patches. I really liked how they turned out too.

Michelle really had a lot of soccer pictures with her teams over the year. Some of the shirts were really faded, but this was good. Her dad coached a lot of her soccer teams and he was in several of the pictures. He really loves this quilt (this is Mark's younger brother Alan).
We're going to Springfield tomorrow and I am going to look for backing fabric, she wants black flannel, which is really hard to find. She said her second choice is blue flannel or light green. Another shopping trip.
I found a really cool app for my iphone to figure how much backing you need for a quilt. You see the commercials on tv that say if you are looking for something, there is probably an app for it? Well, I believe it. :)

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