Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Kitchen Edition

Kelly's Korner is a blog I like to read and have been reading for over a year. She posted an idea today to put your kitchen pictures up, so here goes.

This is our kitchen.

This is the breakfast nook.

Our refirgerator. Lots of ABC Magnets for Kasey!
The corner by the fridge. I like our little corner roll top storage area. I can put lots of junk in there. :)

I love our plate rack. I have a ton of Corelle plates (who doesn't love Corelle?). I never have to worry about them breaking. I just throw them in the plate rack.

That's it.
Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I love your paint color. Your kitchen looks cozy.
    Come see mine "LuAnn"

  2. Oh, do I ever have a story about Corelle plates. My husband received a box of Corelle dishes when he was in college. The first one out of the box he dropped and surprise, surprise! did not break! Living on my own, prior to being married, I experienced several types, thicknesses, etc. of plates. I had no trouble deciding I LOVED! how easily Corelle dishes stack and how lightweight they are. They were put on our wedding registry immediately! Recently, we had a friend over that is moving out on his own soon. I insisted Billy show him our wonderful, affordable, non-breakable plates. Then I insisted, he throw it on the floor so our dear friend could witness their durability. "Throw it! Do it, Billy, do it! Just throw it!" And throw he did...and about a ba-jillion pieces of plate came flying through the air. That was two weeks ago and I'm still finding plate pieces...ha! oops.


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