Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nicky's Friend Meagan Had A Car Wreck

So tonight, Nicky called her friend Meagan to ask her about something and Meagan said, "I'll have to call you back, I just had a wreck on Fremont." So Nicky raced out of the house and went down to the road to check on her best friend. Here's a picture of Meagan's little VW Bug (I loved her car). I guess Meagan was getting ready to turn onto our road and pulled in front of another car. Her car circled around and landed up on this stop sign.

Here's Meagan standing next to her car, Nicky to the left and Meagan's dad heading toward them. You can see Kasey in the stroller. I walked down the street to check on them.

Here's her car once they got it out of the ditch and off the stop sign to tow it away. Thank goodness no one was riding with her because I am not sure they would have come out of it in very good shape. And the crazy thing was that Meagan wasn't wearing her seat belt. Can you believe that? I think Meagan almost always wears her seat belt, but the one time she probably didn't, she had a wreck. I understand that completely because the one time I had a wreck and totalled my car, I wasn't wearing my seat belt either. I almost always wore mine also except for that one time.

We are so lucky that she wasn't hurt. This could have been a very sad story. Meagan and Nicky are both seniors this year.

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