Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a Small World

Nicky, Kasey and I drove down to one of Nicky's favorite "scary places", Wilson Cemetery. It's over 200 years old and she has been there probably 10 times, late at night. Supposedly it's HAUNTED! So I decided it was time that I ventured down there to take a look. It's about 20 miles from our house on a lonely gravel road that ends right at the cemetery. I think you could get a little scared by the road if you were inclined to be scared anyway. The drive down there was really pretty, with the trees over the road and views that you could see miles from. The cemetery was really overgrown. There weren't hardly any houses close by so I'm not sure who owns the cemetery and apparently no one takes care of it. There were some really old grave stones, the newest ones were 1945 and one in 1993.

I thought these were really pretty. The grave to the left was one that was 1945.
Here is Kasey and Sissy outside the cemetery. I didn't get a very good picture though, it's a little blurry.
Then as we were heading home, there was a truck pulled over at the side of the road, and a guy standing in the woods with a dog on a leash it looked like. We hadn't seen a sole out on the road and thought it was really weird. Right after that, I got a call on my cell phone from a guy that I work with. He said "Are you driving on a gravel road?" I am thinking, how did he know that? Could he hear the road noise? I know crazy thinking, but he said you just drove by me. I mean, how small of a world is that? He said that he and his family were taking pictures of a natural bridge. So we turned around and took some pictures. The river was just down from this bridge. It was really neat.
Here's a really good picture of the bridge. Nicky carried Kasey because she said I was too clutzy and might fall with him.... Well, she might have been partially right! Considering my last scooter accident...
Here's a picture of my friend and her family under the rocks. It was really neat.

It's amazing the things that are just off the beaten path. It was a really neat find.


  1. Wonderful photos! We tooke the kids to Carter Caves a few weeks ago and they loved all of the caves! I have always been fascinated with cemeteries even as a child. I know it is silly but I think it came from where I went several times a year to the cemetery with my grandmother and we would walk through and she would tell who each and everyone was.

    Did you ever get your package that I sent to you??

  2. Kelly - where is this? I would like to take the boys and venture out. Looks like fun - graveyard too! LOL


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