Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Keurig Coffee Pot

Here's the new Keurig Coffee Pot I have been wanting. It is the coolest thing around. I got the carousel to go with it and a separate filter in case I don't want to use the pods that came with the coffee pot. I have tried a couple of them and I think I may have to acquire a taste for them. They are slightly stronger than what I typically like, but if you put a lot of cream in it, then it is better!!
I had enough points on my Master Card to buy this directly from them, but I shopped around and found I could use the same number of points toward an Amazon card and buy the pot, the carousel, the filter and another 50 coffee pods. I thought that was a pretty smart move on my part! I especially liked it that I didn't have to spend any money for it.
I put my Longaberger Coffee Mug under it too. I thought it looked really good. Who doesn't love Longaberger pottery? I got this as a $5 surprise treasure. I bought 2 of them and wished I had bought 4. You never know what you are going to get so you hate to buy too many of them.


  1. If you love your Keurig, You'll love free K-Cups for it :). Check this website, they Giveaway K-Cups every week

  2. Looks like just about the coolest coffeemaker around! I have never seen one in anyone's kitchen before though I have used one in a quilt shop classroom.


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