Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pictured Rock National Park

We let the campground early Monday morning.  The road we took was a sandy drive the whole way.  It was gorgeous, with lake views, forest trees hanging over the road.  Our first stop was Grand Marias, to get gas, then we headed on to Sable Falls.  We hiked about 190 steps down to the lake, there was a series of three waterfalls that took the water down to the lake.  Then we hiked to the sand dunes.  I thought about my mom the whole time, because she would have had a hard time walking through the sand.  Once we were at the beach and mom couldn’t even walk on the sand because it hurt her feet.  :)

 CIMG5454 CIMG5456 CIMG5457

This is at the sand dune place. 


Pretty view from the top.  The sand dunes were pretty much covered in trees and plants.

 CIMG5466 CIMG5468

Then we stopped at a park called Log Roll.  I was skeptical about what it was, figured we were going to have to hike a couple of miles to see anything, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a huge sand pile going out to the lake, where they used to roll the logs down to the lake to transport to the saw mill.  It was a 500 foot drop to the lake, all sand, they said it took only a few minutes to get down to the lake, but about an hour to get back up.  Needless to say, we didn’t go down there.

CIMG5479 CIMG5470 CIMG5471 CIMG5472

Then we headed to the next lighthouse, Au Sable Pt.  But the road was closed so we couldn’t go see it.

The next thing was the Pictured Landscape Cruise.

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