Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drive to Mackinaw

Friday morning (August 6th), we had a good night at our little hole in the wall motel.  It was actually really nice, slept good, it smelled nice and was really clean.

We took the scenic drive to Mackinaw Island on Highway 23 along the coastline of Lake Huron.  We found a marina where we could look at the lake.  I am sure we will get enough of the lake pictures by the time we are done with the trip!  :)

They were having a big walleye fishing tournament too.  Lots of trucks with boat trailers.

 CIMG5092  CIMG5094

We stopped at a light house along the way.  We climbed to the top, viewed a shipwreck off the light house, then walked to the remains of a shipwreck on the shore. 


 CIMG5108 CIMG5115 CIMG5119


This was the basement laundry room.  The sink to the right was a real old heavy sink. 



An old Maytag ringer washer.


This old washer was cool!


On the beach where part of the shipwreck was, all the old boards and nails and steel pegs.


I think the rocks are really cool in Michigan, they are soft and round.  There were signs that you couldn’t pick up rocks and taken them off the beach.  I didn’t take any of them for Kasey.  (That’s my story, I’m sticking to it.)


This was the top section of an old boat.  They mine a lot of calcite in the area, we’ve seen lots of big trucks with at least 16 wheels on the back trailer.  (I’m sure Dad can tell me how many wheels total… I will take a picture of one, we don’t have any like that in Missouri)


We did a zip line too, that will be the next post.  It was fun!

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