Friday, August 6, 2010

Generator Delivered and Krabby Patties

We got the generator delivered this evening and the U-haul trailer returned, that was nice to be done with that!  We then headed up toward Mackinaw Island, but took a scenic route out of Detroit. 

Not much eventful to report on today.  We ate at a restaurant in a small town and I had a crab cake sandwich, so I told Kasey tonight that I ate a Krabby Patty (from SpongeBob).  He wasn’t sure what to even say about that.  I took a picture just for Kasey…


I tried to take a picture of Mark, but I just couldn’t get a good one of him.  He will be mad that I posted these, but they were funny!

We tried to catch the sunset on Lake Huron, but we didn’t make it in time.


CIMG5076We found a road that we thought might take us to the Lake, but it didn’t take us all the way there, we drove a ways down the field, and then it started getting wet on the ground, so we turned back.  We have to be careful, because sometimes we get into predicaments that can get us in trouble… :)


This was the field we went down, the Lake is right over the hill.


We finally found a little beach, but it was too late to catch the sunset.  They said the sunsets are really pretty here, the beach had a marina on it called “Sunset Marina”.  The water was warm too, we thought it would be really cold but it wasn’t.  We talked to a guy that ran the Marina, he said the Lake was really rough tonight, he said it was really smooth today, then the wind picked up.  This was near Bay City, Michigan


We had a close call tonight in not being able to find a hotel.  In Bay City, we checked with 2 and they were booked, there was a Pig Gig festival in town or something, BBQ and Concerts so they were all booked up.  We finally found a little place and the room is really “retro” but nice and clean, so we were pleased.  I told Mark we needed to find a Walmart and get a tent and sleeping bags.  The beach we found in the picture above had a campground and he guy said we could tent there.  I would have done it if we had a tent.  It’s so cool up here too, 55-60 at night, would have been good tenting weather!

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