Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lincoln Museum and Tomb

We stopped in Springfield, IL on Wednesday, August 11, to see the Lincoln Museum and Tomb.  We have been by here so many times and never stopped.  It’s well worth the time to stop, the museum was really good.  There were several sections, you started with his young life, through his political start, then the White House years and his death.  There was a theatre presentation called Lincoln’s Eyes.  The theatre was really nice and there were laser lights and vibrations on the chair that went off during the movie.

Outside of the museum.

CIMG5604 Railroad station across the street from the museum. 


Inside the foyer of the museum, the only place they would let you take pictures.

CIMG5599 CIMG5602

This is Lincoln’s Tomb, the cemetery was about 2 miles from the museum.    

CIMG5622CIMG5605 CIMG5609

I thought this was interesting, that there are no living direct descendants of Lincoln.  The last one died in 1985.  I guess he didn’t have any children or maybe they died before he did. 


This was inside the tomb, the inside was marble and granite and it was in a circle that you walked around.  The employee inside the tomb told us that the granite came from St. Genevieve, Missouri.   Lincoln’s wife, Mary, and their 3 sons are buried here. 



There is also a library, it’s mainly for private research. 

This is now the end of the trip.  We got home Wednesday evening and picked Kasey up.  He was really happy to see us, but had a great time with GaGa and Grandpa.  He told them he didn’t want to go on any driving trips unless we took the camper.  :)

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