Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Our Way to Michigan

Well, here we are on our way to Michigan.  We are taking this generator to Livonia, Michigan where the company I work at has a sister company that needs this generator.  It was meant to power our computer room in the event of a power outage.  We had a company give us a price to hook it all up and we just couldn’t afford to do it.  One of the big problems was that we had to put the generator on the roof, which added a lot to the cost.

So instead of sending the generator up there, I volunteered to haul it and coordinate a vacation with it.  It saved the company at least $1000 for us to take it up there.

The only downside to the whole thing is that this is a really heavy unit and we are going really slow, but it’s safer that way.


We stopped at Krispy Kreme, we couldn’t help ourselves…..


So Mark and I were going to take Kasey and Mark’s daughter, Annabell.  But Kasey said he wanted to go stay with GaGa (my mom).  GaGa said she would take him for a week.  So we said “Annabell, we’re really sorry, but you can’t go with us.”  She was the only one disappointed, because Kasey was happy since he’s staying with GaGa and Mark and I are happy because we’re getting to spend some much needed time together, but Annabell was really sad because she was looking forward to it.

We are heading to Mackinaw Island, Michigan after we drop our generator off in Livonia.  Then we’ll venture into the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Hopefully, I can keep up with posting on the blog while I’m away.  I brought a little netbook with me, it’s really lightweight, so should be easy for me to type while I’m on the road and Mark is driving!  

Here’s a neat bridge crossing the Mississippi River.



The St. Louis Arch, from a distance though.  We took 270 off I-44 and you don’t get as close to it this way.


The big cross at Effingham IL.  I thought the cloud was really pretty.


We made it about 250 miles tonight, but only got about 15 mpg, which probably isn’t too bad since we were pulling the trailer. 

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