Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Popcorn Boy

We were in City Park and Kasey wanted popcorn, so we bought a big tub so that Mark and Kasey could share it.  But Kasey threw a fit!  He wanted his own and he didn’t want to share it with Mark.  You can see him here crying.


No Dad, no more popcorn for you!


So then he took his popcorn and sat away from us and ate it by himself.


But it would be ok to feed his popcorn to the geese and ducks, but not Daddy.


They were really tame, Kasey liked feeding them. 


I bet the park was really pretty when the trees were in full bloom.  Notice the moss hanging down? 


We rode the trolley back to the City.  Kasey thought it was fun to put the popcorn on his head.




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