Friday, March 12, 2010

Heading to New Orleans – Spring Break

Today is the first day of spring break, we are heading to New Orleans.  Don’t really have too much of a plan, we’ll just see what enfolds for the events.  We left about 4 and made it past Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Ate dinner at Ryan’s Steakhouse in West Plains, MO.   Kasey loved the ice cream cones.  Here he is with his first one.


This is “Mom, don’t take my picture!”


Here he is with his 2nd ice cream cone.


Then I tried to explain to him that when I get the camera out, he should let me take his picture and smile at me.  So this is what I got.  Cute huh?

CIMG3943 CIMG3945

We are in our room for the night and Kasey wanted to bring all his toys in from the car and all the snacks in.  He was ready to build something here.  He took his suitcase, opened it up and was saying, “socks, check, pants, check, shirts, check, yep, it’s all here.”


He is so good in the car, he doesn’t complain any.  But does ask, “Are we there yet?” several times.  He also said he didn’t want to live here.  And he sure hopes that they don’t sell our house while we are gone. 

Here’s our hotel, we’re in Truman, AR 

Welcome To Days Inn Trumann

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