Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Downy Quilts for Kids are Done!

We finally got our Downy Kids Quilts done and shipped.  My mom asked me about this, she wasn’t sure what we were doing.  Here is the information about it, Quilts for Kids.  We ordered the kits and we each got something different, all the same pattern.  Everything was precut and so quick to sew together.  Here is Barbara’s quilt.  She had a girl ballerina material quilt.  Barbara quilted it herself and did loopy loops.


Here is the one I got, big trucks with a green striped backing.  You can see the quilting I did on it, I also did the loopy loops.  They are a lot of fun.


Here is Paula’s quilt, not sure how well you can see, but it’s bright colored dinosaurs.  I quilted it for her.  I guess you could say this was my first “customer” quilt, but I will tell you it made me really nervous.  It’s one thing to do a quilt for yourself.  On my quilt my loopy loops were really good, on Paula’s I was nervous and I quilted over some of my loops, which then got me all frustrated and nervous.  I am sure glad it was a donation quilt.  But if I hadn’t done it for her, she would have had a hard time getting it quilted and I bet she would have had a hard time trying to quilt it on her regular machine, I don’t think she has done a lot of that.  Anyway, I think she was happy with it.  They are all done and shipped, so that makes me happy and hopefully, there will be a child somewhere that enjoys these quilts. 


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