Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Motivation

Well, changing my blog didn't help me with posting more frequently. I am not sure what is wrong with me! I love reading blogs and have learned that the people that post every day are the most fun ones to read. So I can see why no one would want to read my blog, because I post once a month or once a week.

So I have a few things I thought I would post. I bought a new vacuum cleaner. I had been using one of those rechargeable swiffers for a long time, I was actually on my second one. They are really good, but I decided to buy a new Electrolux rechargeable. I had frequent buyer points on my MasterCard so I cashed some in for a Lowe's card and bought this. I LOVE IT! It has a little charging station with it and I can just pull the vacuum out and clean the floors or the carpet. Works great. It's just meant to be a quicker picker upper! It's a must have for little ones. And my mom was happy because I gave her my old swiffer vacuum, which was still in great condition.

I got a really cool thing from my dad this week, it's a retractable screen door. He got it from a friend and couldn't use it, so he gave it to me! You can buy them from Lowe's and they are about $130 - 160. Mark put it up in the garage this weekend, so we can have the garage door open and then the door to the house open with the screen and will get a good breeze from that part of the house. He actually got 2 of them and I want to put one on the front door but I am not sure how it is going to look. I don't think that Mark wants to put it on the front door, but I would at least like to try it. So maybe a picture tomorrow!

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