Saturday, March 14, 2009

Heading To Colorado

Well, we decided to head to Colorado for Spring Break. It was kinda a last minute decision, which sometimes are the funnest trips. We left this morning (Saturday) around noon. Here's a picture of a truck that was in front of us with a bunch of logs in it. Notice how the truck bed is bent! It was a little scarey watching the truck bed bounce up and down. Some people are crazy! HA

Here I am at a restaurant in Newton, KS.

Here are the boys. They were both saying cheese, I think their faces look so cute, they have the same mouths.

It had been about 3 years since we had been through Kansas, look at all the windmills they have up now. There were just miles and miles of them. It was hard to take pictures driving down the road, I couldn't really zoom up close enough to them. But you can tell from this picture that there are a lot of them.

So we got a room tonight at a Super 8 in Salina, KS. It's not too bad, has wireless internet so what more could I need?
Mark's brother Alan is going with us too. He's a couple of hours behind us right now, so we should be able to catch up tomorrow for breakfast and drive the rest of the way to Colorado together. I'll get some picture of them too.

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