Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We voted!

Yesterday was a big election day in our town, the mayor and 4 city councilmen. The opponents ran on a ticket of Open, Honest and Transparent Government. They all WON! We were so excited. The guys that were in office were secretive, dishonest and out for their own personal gain. It was wonderful to see the people of our town get out and vote them out. The new mayor won by a 70% margin over the old mayor. It was great. I am now so proud of our town.

So this is Kasey's 2nd time to go vote with us. He was so cute after I voted (we vote on paper ballots), he ran to the machine and pointed to it, he knew that was where that paper was supposed to go. I let him push the ballot in, he thought that was a lot of fun . Then we got a sticker for him.


  1. That's so sweet! I never thought of taking a picture at the voting place. ;) He's a little voter in the making. I love that parents get their kids involved in processes like this at such an early age.

  2. That is AWESOME!! My parents always too me too, it was a family affair. Currently my mom lives in the same district with us so we STILL go as a family.

  3. Oh wow -had a nice long comment - lost it so here goes again - Very Cute - Cooper went with me as well. We wore our rubber boots as it was a very yucky muddy day and where we vote is in the middle of nowhere in a little church on a long dirt road. They know us pretty well so they always have cookies for Cooper. (and a sticker too) Didn't think to take a camera. Daddy had to vote later after he got off work. Hope this comes through with name this time - Michelle'


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