Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Concrete Bench was Stolen!

We have a concrete bench that sits by the road on our street next to our driveway. It's just nice to walk up and down the street and sit on it when you want to watch the neighborhood or just relax. Well, this morning it was GONE! I couldn't believe someone would steal it. I was really mad. So I called our neighbor (Tommy) on his cell phone and left a message, he has a camera on his house and I thought it would have recorded that area and we'd be able to catch our thief. He called me back in a couple of hours and was bringing the bench back. Apparently, one of his prankster buddies had stolen the bench, thinking it was his and not ours. He had left it at a house where my neighbor was planning on going that day thinking he would get the joke (seeing his bench sitting in the middle of this person's driveway!). But my neighbor didn't get it because it wasn't his bench. So once he got my message, he knew what had happened and brought it back to us. I'm glad I didn't call the police, I was going to, but Mark told me to wait awhile until we heard back from Tommy.

I looked outside my window Friday at all my yellow daffodils coming up and Kasey had pulled all the flowers off the stems. They were laying all over the place. Guess he thought they shouldn't be there! Should have taken a picture of that. :) I'll do better next time.

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