Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Quilt

Here's a spring quilt I made last year, I found the pattern in a magazine and used a jelly roll, but I can't remember the fabric name right now. Just wanted to post the pictures of the quilt. Kasey had fun while we were trying to take the picture, he wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get a picture with him in front of the quilt.

Here's Kasey in the bathtub. Daddy was putting spray soap all over him. He loves playing in the bathtub...
Well, Mark has been feeling sick for the last couple of weeks, he is bloated and having pains in his chest. We went to the doctor Wednesday and they think he might be having gall bladder problems. He's scheduled for an ultrasound this week so we will see what they find out. I guess that greasey foods really upsets the gall bladder if you're having problems.
Well, not much else going on this week.


  1. I absolutely love that quilt and the fabric line - wish you could remember. Do you have any scraps of it left - maybe we can look on the selvage (just a thought). Kasey looks adorable looking up at the quilt. Hey - I was wondering how to get the picture to show up in the blog text where ever I want it like you do. I wanted my picture at the bottom of my last blog post but when I had the cursor there and then added picture, it defaulted to the top of the page. But I see yours all over with text inbetween? Let me know how Mark is doing.


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