Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sissy Came to Visit

Nicky came over to see us today.  She is now living in Springfield with one of her friends and will start school at Ozarks Technical College on the 20th of August.  She and Kasey played outside while I tried to get pictures.  It’s almost impossible to get a good picture out of Kasey, he just doesn’t want me to take his picture.  He’s in for years of me taking his picture, so he better get used to it, don’t you think? 

 CIMG2933CIMG2937 CIMG2935

I think she was pretty happy when she left, I sent her with my old cookware set, 3 skillets, 2 pans and a big pan with a strainer and glass lids.  She said her room mate only had a couple of skillets and the handles were falling off.  These pans should last her for years.

I’m such a good stepmom!  It will probably take her years to realize it.  HA!!  Oh well. 

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