Friday, July 31, 2009

Branson Day 3

We got up this morning (very early, thanks to Kasey!) and Mark and I decided we would take Kasey on our own so we could each have some time to ourselves.  So Kasey and I started out first, but then somehow, Mark didn’t really end up taking Kasey for the afternoon like we had planned. 

Kasey and I headed out to Branson landing and went to Ride the Ducks.  Mark had done that before and he didn’t really want to go. I really had a good time.  We left the Branson landing and rode to College of the Ozarks, where I went to school the summer of 1984 and Mark graduated in May 1984.  The campus is really pretty.  Here’s a picture of the lake at the college.


Kasey on the boat and Kasey and I at the Captain’s Chair of the boat.  Kasey got a little certificate that he drove the boat.  But he wouldn’t sit in the seat until I sat with him.

CIMG2847  CIMG2850

They offered a picture at the end of the trip, along with a picture of the duck out in the water.  I had to pay $20 for that, but I couldn’t turn it down!  Kasey had a big duck call in his mouth it was really cute.  They gave everyone these duck cluckers that were really annoying, but cute too.


After we got off the duck, we got an Auntie Annie’s Pretzel and Hot Dog.  Kasey dropped the hot dog on the ground and right after I took the picture of him drinking my LARGE soda, he spilled it all over the ground!  


Here is Kasey sacked out in the car seat.  He woke up crying, which is how I would wake up if I slept like that too!CIMG2862

We came back to the campground and Mark wanted to go swimming in the pool.  So we did that in the afternoon until about 4:30.  There was a little girl in the pool that was playing with Kasey.  They played after they got out of the pool too, she rode Kasey’s trike around.  The family was really sad that we weren’t staying for the whole week.  They just showed up today from Kansas City.  The little girl said Kasey was her best friend.

After swimming, we decided to go back into Branson.  We rode go carts and rode the bumper cars.  Then had some Andy’s Frozen Custard.  I usually get my favorite, Caramel Pretzel Crunch, but they had Key Lime Pie on the board and that sounded good.  After I got it, I wished I had gotten my favorite instead.  You should always stick with what you like at a place like that! 

CIMG2868CIMG2883  CIMG2898

So that was how I didn’t get my time alone, I went swimming, when I could have stayed in the cabin and read my book.  Then I went into Branson to ride go carts instead of staying in the cabin.  But I had a good time so that’s all that matters.  Plus I can read on my book on the way home.

We are going to head back home tomorrow sometime.  Vacations make me tired. 

So if anyone is reading this, and you read all the way through, post a comment for me! 


  1. Love the tales of your vacation! We went to Branson last year on our honeymoon and had a great time. It was our second time in the area and I'm sure we'll be back. My hubby loves Springfield and Branson.

  2. As a mom, I have found that I have developed new fears.

    One of those fears is that of being in a situation where I have to save myself and my children from drowning. I have dreamed of driving down a boat ramp into the lake or a bridge falling down into the name it.

    On our last trip to Branson, we decided that we would ride the ducks. I waited for the usual anxiety attack that would hit as I waited for the water approach.

    Surprisingly I wasn't fazed by the water because I was still recovering from the fact that we went 60 mph down Hwy 65 in a top heavy, open sided "duck" while my kids just popped up and down in the seats......

    Maybe that is their strategy!


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