Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation Time!!!!

Well, I am off on vacation and taking a laptop with me. I got my laptop back, still have a few problems with it, but I can use it. I made a DVD copy of all the files on it, so I think I am ok. We are heading for San Antonio, Texas to visit our old neighbors, Sonja and JW. We are so excited to see them and show off our little darlin, Kasey! I am hoping the 12 hour trip won't be too bad with him, we'll just stop every couple hours. Will probably have to stop at some quilt shops.. HAA!!! Mark doesn't know what he's in for.

We are going to spend 3 days at their house and leave Sunday morning, heading to South Padre Island, Texas. We have a hotel by the ocean.

Doesn't that look nice? It will be fun to walk out on the beach and hang out!

I am trying out a new thing on, I am sending this from my email account. I am hoping it works well. (not sure but the email thing didn't work, maybe it will show up later, then there will be a duplicate - oh well!)

I hope to post what's going on each day if I can...



  1. The hotel looks very nice! Enjoy your vacation with family and friends.

  2. Kelly have a great time! And it does look nice, very nice! You will have to let me know who you went through - we would love to take the kiddos to the beach sometime soon before they don't want to hang around us anymore. Can't wait to hear how the trip goes.


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