Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Chemo Treatment #6 - Last one

Last week, I went to Tulsa for Chemo Treatment #6.  My last one!  I will still go in every 3 weeks for another 12 sessions for a different drug called Herceptin, but it is supposed to be easier than the other chemo drugs they have given me the last 6 sessions. I can't believe that it's been 18 weeks!  My hair should start grown back soon.  The Herceptin drug will not block my hair from growing.  I didn't lose my eyelashes or eyebrows, although they did get thinner.

I did get some really good news this visit too.  We had an MRI done and the cancer tumors are actually gone.  The chemo shrunk them like they were supposed to.  After talking with my doctor, the course of action now is a lumpectomy.  This will remove the tissue around the location where the tumors were at.  Then I will have radiation to kill any remaining cancer cells.

My surgery is scheduled for the end of July.  I will be glad to get this over with.

I feel good about this option and my doctor's recommendation for surgery.  I did really well through all the chemo, never had any sickness, but just really tired.  Usually the first week after chemo was the worst.

Kasey and I have started walking at night.  Mark takes us down the road and drops us off and then we walk back.  So I have no option to not get back home.  Sometimes when I go out to walk, if I go to the stop sign, I'm like, "It would be easier to just turn around and go home".  This way, I might as well keep walking, especially if I want to get home.  We walked a mile and it took 26 minutes.  I didn't push it too hard.  :)

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and thoughts.  I'm really just living one day at a time right now and it's working pretty well for me.


  1. I am so happy that things are going well, Kelly. Thank you so much for sharing this journey to recovery with us.

  2. Wonderful news - you have been so strong !! Congratulations


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