Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kasey’s First Day of Pre-K

Kasey started Pre-Kindergarten about a month ago, August 17.  I’m such a bad blogger since I’m just now getting this posted.  Pre-K is preschool before Kindergarten and it’s 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday.  The kids that live in the country go to Pre-K in the morning and the town kids go to Pre-K in the afternoon.  It was also Mark’s first week back to school teaching after being off for the summer.  Both of them were apprehensive about going back, so I had them pose for an “I don’t want summer to be over” picture. 

Both of them making the funny face.


Don’t you feel sad for both of them?


Here is Kasey with his happy face on ready for school!


Kasey goes to the babysitter in the morning, Miss Margo, we love her so much.  He gets on the bus from Miss Margo’s and rides to school which is about 1/2 a mile.  The first day, the bus didn’t pick him up.  I didn’t go to Margo’s to see him on the bus, because I was afraid he might have a problem with it, like he wouldn’t want to let go of me.  So I called Margo after he should have been on the bus and she told me that the bus didn’t make it.  She called the bus barn and talked to them, but it had been over a 1/2 hour, so I told her I would come and get him and take him.  He was pretty upset. 

On my way over I called my mom, but she wasn’t home.  So I called her cell phone":

Me:  “Are you at the school?”

Mom:  “Yes, I wanted to see him walk into the school!” Silly mom, she just couldn’t help herself.

So we both walked him into school into his classroom.  I took a quick picture of him as I was leaving!


He really loves school, seems to love everything about it.  He talks about it a lot.  He went to preschool last year and he wouldn’t even tell me what he did, he’s say, “I don’t want to talk about my day”  But now, he says he has a great day and he just loves it!  I’m so glad, I think his teacher is really good too.  Her name is Miss B.

My little boy is growing up.  Sweet but sad….

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